Cleopatra – Slots of Egypt




Slots of Egypt – Cleopatra’s legendary hero Queen of ancient Egypt Queen of the dawn, She will give away luck to all players who play the game.



Maruay99 presents the Cleopatra slots – slots of Egypt. New style slots unlike any other style slots games, in which players have to spin SIPN slots for 10 rounds to win Big special bonus, But during the 10 rounds of play, players still have the right to win games and receive bonus games as well.



Game Features
1. The symbol will be locked with a golden frame when there is a scarab symbol. This golden frame will stay until the game calculation.
2. The game calculates every 10 games. All the golden frames will be changed to WILD.
3. The golden frame will be reset after the game calculation.
4. The golden frame amount and position and the times of game are all counted by bets. When the user changes the bet, the amount and position of the golden frame and times of games will not be accumulated.



1. Various symbols will have pay rates from 20 up to 150 times
2. Letters and numbers have rates multiplied before 5 to 75 times.



Odds – WILD
1. WILD Cleopatra – Pay rate 40 to 300 times
2. WILD golden frame – Pay rate 40 to 300 times
3. WILD – Pay rate 40 to 300 times



Bonus Game
1. Users could choose the mode of the free game by themselves.
2. The golden frame appears in each mode of the free game. The golden frame will be changed to WILD when gaming calculation.
3. Please refer to the Free Game Chart to read the detailed free game introductions.
4. Users might re-trigger another free game round during the free games. The re-triggered free games will be run right after the first round ends.



Game rules
1. Total 50 lines.
2. All linked lines are calculated from the left to right continuous reels.
3. Only the highest odd will be calculated if there are multiple linked combinations.
4. The calculation is the Bet*linked line.




All of these are the details and rules of Cleopatra – Slots of Egypt anyone who reads and interested in trying to play, don’t wait. DOWNLOAD Maruay99 Here!! with application Maruay99. Come join the game and have fun with us and many activities. And anyone who wants to update new news or have a question about playing a game can contact us at Facebook : Maruay99SEA or Line@ : @MR99TALK or Talk group Maruay Talk