GAME SLOT FIVE LIONS – Talisman of luck




          Cute game, With the game Five Lion. That comes with the 5 lions, 5 colors, which is an amulet of good luck, This has been popular and used to display at important events such as celebrations, weddings, and many other events.



          Five Lion is a slot game. Beautiful pictures and cute lion characters. And with easy to understand game content Can win the game easily There are 5 free game bonuses for players to choose from and a combo to win big prizes. The content will be detailed as follows…



      Symbols in the game

– Firecrackers

– Chinese drum

– Gold header

– Ang Pao

– Alphanumeric: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9




      WILD symbol or the lion’s head

  1. WILD can replace any symbol except the Coin symbol.
  2. Players get random multiply credits when the symbols linked in a free game.
  3. WILD only appears in reel 2,3,4.



      COIN symbol

  1. If there are 3 series COIN symbols in a free game, the player earns 1 extra free game.
  2. Select a lion symbol for different bonus games before starts.
  3. Lion symbols link to a line win different odds.
  4. 3 COIN symbols link to a line earn 1 extra bonus game.

      Red Envelope

  1. If there are red envelopes in the 1st and 5th reel, players will get extra bonus.
  2. Win 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 times of the bet randomly.




Choose different color lion to win different odds in a free game.


GAME SLOT FIVE LIONS - ราชสีห์สิงโตนำโชคทั้ง 5


GAME SLOT FIVE LIONS - ราชสีห์สิงโตนำโชคทั้ง 5


GAME SLOT FIVE LIONS - ราชสีห์สิงโตนำโชคทั้ง 5



243 ways – Calculation of winnings with at lest 3 series symbols from left to right reels.



          Auto-Play mode

               It’s a mode for players who don’t have time to play. But doing other activities, In which players can determine how to play by themselves, Until able to let the mode choose the color of the free game mode.



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