Happy Fish Archer – Hunt Treasure with Archer




Welcome to the Happy Fishing Archer game. It is a new style game online on mobile from Maruay99. This is an Archery game to hunt for treasure, has a spectacular effect come with the demons, cartoon characters and the game content is fun and enjoyable.



Happy Fishing Archer game has a description of each type of bow, skill, bow, and demon. Which the content of this archery game Changed the format from the original game from the game Family of Happy Fish. Which has the strength of the game is …
1. There are 3 types of bows.
2. There are 3 types of bow skills (can be used from random selection).
3. Demons with a pay rate of up to 3 levels.
Each demon type will have unequal scores and has the following content.



General Monsters
1. Mushroom Pay rate 6 times
2. Red Mushroom Pay rate 6 times
3. Green Fish Pay rate 8 times
4. Blue Fish Pay rate 8 times
5. Skull Soldier Pay rate 9 times
6. Skull Captain Pay rate 10 times
7. Viking Soldier Pay rate 12 times
8. Goblin Pay rate 15 times
9. Knight Pay rate 20 times



10. Immortal Siren Pay rate 10 ~ 80 times
11. Immortal Viking Pay rate 15 ~ 120 times
12. Immortal Cyclops Pay rate 20 ~ 160 times
13. Golden Cyclops Pay rate 60 ~ 360 times
14. Stone Giant Pay rate 50 ~ 300 times
15. Cerberus Pay rate 70 ~ 400 times
16. Blue Dragon Pay rate 80 ~ 500 times



Special monster
1. Bomb Goblin : Kill to get wide range explosion.
: Blow up monsters nearby.
2. Black Knight : Kill to scatter extra attacks to the monsters nearby.



3. Purple Witch & Red Witch : Floating in the sky, lock and kill the monsters to get treasure box.
4. Treasure : Shoot for open to get random weapons (Scatter Arrow & Penetrating Arrow)



Black Knight will randomly enter the game continuously will be positioned in the middle of the battlefield. When players successfully eliminate, Black Knight will hit the monster around and will be a special score for players.

** Every monster that is destroyed or destroyed. Will come back again In order to receive continuous points.



1. Golden Stone Giant Pay rate 150 ~ 900 times
2. Hell Cerberus Pay rate 160 ~ 800 times
3. Frozen Dragon Pay rate 200 ~ 1000 times



Hell Cerberus will be randomly entered in the game and will come with general monsters. Players will be able to attack both Monsters and Hell Cerberus. When players win, will get points 160 ~ 800 times of bet.



Bonus Game
King Octopus Collect 5 crowns for Bonus Game. Accumulate odds by Shooting and kill Octopus to earn big prizes.




King Octopus when player Collect 5 crowns will appear the face of an octopus. Players must destroy the treasure chest and King Octopus. When the King Octopus has been completely destroyed players will receive bonus points. Which the multiplication rate is several times higher than normal monsters




Zeus Arrow
Use Zeus Arrow when energy is full. The energy of Zeus Arrow will be reset when game disconnection, change game room, or retune to the lobby.



Special weapon
1. Lightning bullets : Hit for scatter extra electrical attacks
2. Fire bullets : Smash attack
3. Fast bullets : Fast shooting

All of these are the details and rules of Happy Fish Archer – Hunt Treasure with Archer anyone who reads and interested in trying to play, don’t wait. DOWNLOAD Maruay99 Here!! with application Maruay99. Come join the game and have fun with us and many activities. And anyone who wants to update new news or have a question about playing a game can contact us at Facebook : Maruay99SEA or Line@ : @MR99TALK or Talk group Maruay Talk