Terms and Conditions for registering to be a member of the online gaming service (Maruay 99)

Subscription and online game service agreement Welcome to the new members of Ma Rich, 99, to protect the rights of users. Please read all terms of service and if you choose to accept, you will be considered to have studied and agreed to comply. In accordance with the following terms and conditions of membership services.

1. Scope of the terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions were made between Maruay 99, hereinafter referred to as the “company”, which is the manufacturer of online games or who is licensed to provide mobile or computer game services. To set the terms and conditions of service between users Which hereinafter referred to as “Users” by using the game services of the company Which hereinafter referred to as “service”


2. Accepting the terms and conditions of use

The user must agree to and comply with the terms and conditions that appear on these membership terms and conditions. Or in the additional editions that may occur in the future and by agreeing to use the services of the company, you are agreeing and agreeing to these terms and conditions

  • 2.1 Membership terms and conditions for this game service are posted online on the homepage According to the membership terms and conditions of the game services of the mobile or computer game service agreement, if the user agrees to the question, it is considered that the user has accepted the service terms and considered the membership conditions. And this game service conditions apply
  • 2.2 The company can change according to the membership terms and conditions of service as appropriate and the changed service conditions will be announced on the website. www.maruay99.com Users are obliged to visit the website periodically and check the content of the changed terms and announcements. If the user has access to the service after the announcement has changed You agree that you agree to the changes in the said content. And the company is not responsible for any damages of users Resulting from not knowing the content of the announcement of that agreement
  • 2.3 Users must request to register as a user. By filling out the name, surname and personal information as true of service users and proceed with the process of requesting to be a user with true information
 3.Service details

Service shall include the following services as well

  • 3.1 Downloading mobile applications, playing games through the browser from websites www.maruay99.com Is a game that is made available to players
  • 3.2 The company is the publisher of mobile application or computer that the company has received or received copyright from various game service providers
  • 3.3 The company is a provider of selling in-game items. Whether it’s a game produced by the company or licensed for service Which users can use payment methods by debiting funds from a bank account Electronic card or to top up from service providers such as MOL Points etc. or other methods that the company has approved
4 Service content

The company is not responsible for keeping any information or playing information of users who use the service for misuse. Or in violation of the terms of service or in violation of Thai or international laws that are applicable and accepted by many countries

  • 4.1 The Company will provide services in accordance with the terms of service or according to Thai or international law that is applicable and accepted internationally to provide game services that the company has produced or licensed to users in the event that the company has It is necessary to add the content of the game service, various patch bugs or for the need for game management, users agree to allow the company to have rights to play Can change game content from time to time, both by Online and offline updates
  • 4.2 The company will announce the game service conditions and any terms or regulations related to Thai law or international law that is applicable and accepted by many countries. About the game service terms regularly the user agrees and agrees to the game service conditions. Update game information activities through the website in all respects. Users must check the game service terms and conditions or any regulations or regulations pertaining to Thai laws or Consistent and well-accepted international law regarding international gaming conditions on the website, the company will not be liable for any damage to users of the service because of not checking the game terms and conditions or Any regulations related to Thai law or international law that are applicable and accepted by various countries about the terms of game services on the website.
5.Account and password to use the service

The company will provide accounts and passwords to users as set by the users of the company using English letters. And / or the Arabic numbers in the amount specified for the use of the service, the account and the user access password as the only method the company can use to distinguish users

  • 5.1 Accounts and passwords will be managed by the company in order to protect personal information and to allow users to use the service smoothly.
  • 5.2 The user agrees to be responsible for the maintenance of his own account and password and to be responsible for damages in the use of the service and testing and the actual physical damage, mental condition resulting from negligence in Use the account or use it in a way that is inappropriate for illegal users or misuse of third parties The user who is responsible for the account maintenance is entirely responsible and the company is not responsible in any way.
6.Use and protection of personal information

The company will save and maintain all chat content that occurs between users within the game and can be retrieved in the event the company deems it necessary to resolve conflicts and to maintain the rules and conditions in Use of the service within the game. The company will control with the use of technical management as much as possible. The information will be provided by the company Store only

7.Responsibilities and duties of users
  • 7.1 Not causing trouble Annoying other users
  • 7.2 Do not disclose the information of other users without the consent of the company. Or such other users
  • 7.3 Have duties and other liabilities in accordance with applicable law
  • 7.4 Dissemination of personal information, both of yourself and others in public Also prohibits users from publishing, whether articles, words, pictures, or any other characteristics which are defamation, inappropriate, obscene, vulgar or objectionable
  • 7.5 Not violating any laws Including not violating intellectual property rights or other rights in any form at all
  • 7.6 Comply with these terms and conditions of use or other laws. associated
  • 7.7 Do not import or export or distribute viruses or hack or use rogue software.
  • 7.8 Do not behave in a way that hinders the work and game services of the company
  • 7.9 No fraudulent behavior towards the company
  • 7.10 If the user finds that the service is used in violation of these terms and conditions or any laws By the account or password belonging to the service user, the user shall notify the company immediately if it is found that the use of the service is due to the user’s negligence The company is not responsible in any way.
8.Period and changes in service rights
  • 8.1 Duration of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except the company has the right to temporarily stop the service due to Necessary or unavoidable reasons for service or other emergencies, such as inspections, maintenance, replacement, or breakdowns of computers or computer equipment, including the Company’s annual holidays. Which will be announced in advance This shall include any other force majeure according to law.
  • 8.2 In case of necessity for service the company needs to perform maintenance or inspection of network equipment and systems. The company will perform regular checks at specified times on the website.
  • 8.3 The company reserves the right to amend, change or suspend, cancel or pause the service temporarily or permanently. Whether in whole or in part of the service Without notifying users in advance in this regard, the service provider may suspend the usage permission in the following cases
  • 8.3.1 In the event that the service provider is unable to perform the full service
  • 8.3.2 In the event that an error occurs with the software and hardware Both of service providers and users
  • 8.3.3 In an emergency, to protect other members or third parties or to maintain complete security Of the information of service suspension, suspension, postponement or change of any rights under this Article 8, the company shall not be liable for damages that occur to users or other persons from such actions.
9.Termination of service

The company reserves the right to cancel the service. There is no need for prior report If the user acts in the following cases

  • 9.1 Messages that damage others Defame or lose reputation
  • 9.2 Harassment and damage to the service
  • 9.3 Messages to support dishonest acts
  • 9.4 Violation of the Rights of Other Persons Or violating company rights
  • 9.5 Unauthorized use of images, content, or intellectual property
  • 9.6 Statements intended for any purpose without the company’s permission
  • 9.7 Giving false or misleading information about the company
  • 9.8 Falsely claiming to be a company executive or officer
  • 9.9 Using fraudulent or fraudulent top-up methods
  • 9.10 Users register with false information or use other people’s information to apply.
  • 9.11 Use the service. You can register to use 1 device per 1 ID only. If there are multiple IDs And the company has examined and found that it affects the balance in the game or the game’s fun the company reserves the right to cancel the service.
  • 10 liability exemption
  • 10.1 The company will be exempt from responsibility in the event the company cannot provide the service due to force majeure
  • 10.2 The company will not be responsible for suspension or defects in the use of the service due to any legal consequences or illegal actions of users.
  • 10.3 The company will not be responsible for delayed login and damage caused by the delayed connection system.
  • 10.4 The company is not responsible for reliability. Accuracy of the announcement of membership conditions and terms of use of game services under the company license Information and facts on services or on websites
  • 10.5 The company has no duty to take care of problems during Users together or between users and third parties and the company has no duty to be responsible for damages that occur
  • 10.6 Some parts of the service may be provided by other companies as well. The company is not responsible for damages caused by services provided by other companies.
  • 11 Restrictions on use of services
  • 11.1 All accounts and passwords Including various items in the game that is in the account Is the company’s property Regardless of the method mentioned above or is any type of item. The company only gives the user the right to use the account, password and the item within the service period only and the company reserves the right to change, restore, suspend or cancel the account. Passwords and items in the account at any time. If the service contract between the company with copyright owners being amended, ending, or being terminated Including to comply with the terms of service Without prior notice and the company is not liable for any damage caused to users or other people from such actions
  • 11.2 The company will not be responsible for any problems occurring between users together.
  • 11.3 The company can suspend the account. Characters, all information within the game of the user, based on the suitability of controlling or scheduling various games.
  • 11.4 The company holds all rights and powers in all information in the game of users. In the event the company foresees the need to control or plan the game the company can add, delete or change.
  • 11.5 Top-up regardless of the method used Users cannot cancel, request, return, exchange or make any changes.
  • 12 intellectual property rights
  • The company has ownership or ownership of intellectual property on the website. www.maruay99.com Sole All works or information on this website Whether in the form of copyright, patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights, rights or other rights
  • Reproduction, transfer, modification, distribution, or other forms, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the company is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.
  • 13 governing law

The interpretation and application of these terms and conditions of service shall be in accordance with Thai law. In force.